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Mark Peesel - Author of Internet Safety for Children

Mark Peesel

Mark Peesel has 20+ years experience in Internet marketing, development and strategy, driving online business growth and increasing website acquisition/retention for clients like Outward Bound, Rudi’s Organic Bakery, University of Colorado The State of Colorado and many more. As a consultant, he develops custom database applications and integrates online marketing and social media campaigns across a variety of industries. Mark is also an Education Technical Director, where he collaborates with school faculty and administration to implement secure technology programs, filters, infrastructure and curriculum and then provides tech support and training in all classrooms and labs.

He is also trained as a volunteer mountain rescuer and has been an outdoor youth educator through Outward Bound and other programs, guiding high school and college-age kids kayak, raft, canoe, mountaineer and more for many years. When not spreading the word about internet safety, he learns about rainbows and unicorns from his two daughters and likes to hike with his 90 pound yellow lab and much smaller border collie.

It never feels like there’s enough one can do to make sure that their kids stay safe and innocent.  But in our opinion, it boils down top just one thing.  Read about it here.