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Category: Internet Safety

3 Clues to the Easiest Website Hack Fix

Today I was notified of another website that was hacked. Unfortunately, it seems that WordPress is the target du jour so it’s even more important to keep it safe and secure.  After pondering, researching and googlebot-ing, I discovered several things: Several files in specific plugins had odd modification dates. Some plugins were active and some were not. […]

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Now’s a Good Time to Review Your Facebook Privacy Settings

It’s that time of year again to check your Facebook privacy settings, assuming that time of year is any time you’re on Facebook. Since last I looked, Facebook has made some changes.  And, there are lots of options to consider.  I won’t go through every option on every screen, but will show you the main […]

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New Offsite Backups and Additional Security Services

I’ve been hearing of more and more hacked sites lately and cleaning more this year than ever. Don’t let the hackers catch you unprepared. Many are saying that it’s not a matter of “if” your website will get hacked, but “when.” Let us help you keep your site more secure and protected with off-site back […]

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FTC Poised to Allow More Online Access for the Under 13 Crowd

The FTC has recently developed new guidelines to strengthen kids privacy and allow parents greater control over their kids’ information.  The change to COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) take place in July of 2013.  They’re really trying to keep up with the times because users have so many more ways to get online and kids are learning more […]

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