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Multi-Purpose Apps that Hide Data

Multi-Purpose Apps that Hide Data

I recently came across some basic calculator apps on the app store that aren’t exactly what they seem. While it’s fairly obvious what they are on the app store, you probably won’t know what they are if you just see them on your kid’s phones.

There are several of these apps out there that look and work like calculators, but essentially, these are apps that can store hidden data, pictures, files, etc. In fact, they may actually be somewhat useful if you have files that are highly sensitive and you want to make sure they stay hidden and protected. These are pretty simple apps in that you enter some specific combination of characters and then the hidden file system appears.

You can add images or documents to this hidden database and the close that app or return to the calculator and no one can find these documents unless they enter the password again.

It’s interesting technology and certainly not bad. ┬áThe apps are fairly straightforward about what they are.┬áBut, for kids, it may lead to something inappropriate that I feel parent’s should be aware of.

Here are several on the Apple app store:


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