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Internet Safety for kids is becoming a bigger and bigger deal these days.  We all want to keep our kids safe from internet predators and from stumbling across any of the millions of inappropriate websites.

Learn how to build your relationship with your children and how to teach them to avoid situations that can get them into trouble.  These talks can be tailored to parents, children or parents and children in the same room and are appropriate for children from about 10-18 and their parents.

The presentations are based on a number of different resources that can be found here.  There’s so much information out there on this topic that it’s hard to go through it all.  But, I’ve tried to find some of the best.  I’ve found that keeping your kids safe online and with their cell phones boils down to 2 main points.

  1. Internet Safety is more about your relationship with your children, than about the technology.
  2. Internet Safety is also about knowing as much or more than your kids do about the internet.
In these talks, I cover items like:
  • Appropriate online behavior
  • How to be safe online
  • Strategies for avoiding sticky situations online
  • Discussions around cyber bullying
  • Cell phone use and rules
  • Texting
  • Chat Rooms
  • Social Mapping
  • Scenarios
  • Social Media
  • Facebook and privacy settings
  • Online risks
  • When to start teaching your kids about online safety
  • How to manage your children’s time and computer location
  • Internet filtering
  • and more.
The talk generally runs about 2 hours but has been known to go longer if there are more people or lots of questions as I try to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.
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