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The Most Important Internet Safety Rules To Ensure Internet Safety For Kids And Family

If you are to ensure internet safety for kids in your family you will need to set some safety rules for kids to follow so that they remain in the safe zone always. There are some internet safety rules which consists of the dos and don’ts while being online. It is always better to be careful than be sorry. Some discipline will indeed be required to implement this in an effective way.

Well, rules are not always welcome or something pleasant to follow, but they are there for a purpose. In our case here internet safety rules are so that children remain in the safe zone always as their safety is the most important for any parent. Just like the challenge of getting children to follow any rules, getting your kids to follow the internet safety rules too is going to be a real challenge. It certainly is a great help if you have prior relationship of trust and reliability with your children. Just let your children know in very clear terms that the rules are so that they remain safe which is very important to you, and let them know that you are always there for them.

Set the internet safety rules based on the following tips, to be followed in letter and spirit by children and everyone in the family, without which internet safety for kids won’t be complete. The following are so as to give you a direction based on which you can work ahead.

  • Under no circumstances should personal information like real names, address, phone numbers or anything which you can be identified with, be ever revealed online.
  • In the same line no personal information of other family members or for that matter any other individual, to be revealed online. This includes details like profession, office timings etc as predators will obviously plan to make a visit when nobody else is at home.
  • Uploading of personal photos and videos online are strictly a no no. Not only are these going to attract online predators but they can be misused in the worng hands.
  • Any kinds of download from the net not to be done unless same is in the knowledge of your parents, as many softwares are meant to be harmful, even take over control. Well, you can actually ensure this using efficient parental control program.
  • Everybody does have a persona online, if you want others to treat you with respect and dignity, do unto others the same. Maintain good online reputation always.
  • Every care and caution to be exercised before welcoming any online friends no matter how friendly they are. Online and sexual predators will always take on assumed identity with an attractive persona.
  • Any encounter which puts you in an unpleasant experience or anything which is uncomfortable to you to be immediately brought to the notice of your parents.
  • Anyone no matter how close they are to you or how friendly they are to you online, watch out if they are trying to get you to reveal your personal information. Ensuring internet safety for kids can well be heading towards failure if done so.
  • No matter how friendly or nice your online friends are, do not agree to meet them without bringing it to the knowledge of your parents. Your parents will always decide and arrange what is best for you keeping in mind your security. Like, if they agree to let you go ahead arranging for the meeting in a public place.
  • All login user IDs and passwords to be kept secure and protected always.

Initially expect your children to resent this move of setting in place the internet safety rules, that is only natural and expected of most children. Get them to see the picture of the possible consequences if the rules are not followed. Go through the news stories together online of what other kids have been through, the tormenting experiences online, like cyberbullying. Above everything, make it very clear to them that all these are for not only their safety but that of the family too, and that you are depending on them for this.

Striving to ensure internet safety for kids and family over the vast endless landscape of the internet can be quite a challenge. Click here to learn how.

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