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The one thing to keep your kids safe online

In our opinion, there really is just one thing to keep in mind to keep your kids safe online via their computer, cell phone, Xbox or any other internet enabled device.  And that is to know as much or more than they do.  If you don’t have a Facebook account and your kids do, then you BETTER go and get one and start spending a lot of time learning about what it does and how it works and most importantly, the privacy settings.

Teach your kids what they should do when they are approached by strangers online.  If someone they don’t know requests to be friends on Facebook, what should they do?  Accept or ignore?  Should they post lots of pictures and leave their settings so ANYONE can view them?  Do you even know how to change your settings to be more appropriate?  How do you teach kids what’s appropriate or not to post online?  Do you know?

Here’s a screenshot of good privacy settings.  It only takes about a minute to change them, so please do!

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