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The Trends of Social Networking And Internet Safety For Your Children

What is the connection between the trend and practices of children using social networking media and internet safety for kids? It is closer than you think. Let’s take a look.

Firstly, social networking websites and online chat rooms are frequented not only by kids and teens but also by online and sexual predators too, for the obvious reason that maximum children are there too, lurking around to attack at the slightest chance. They can lurk around so easily because of the fact that internet makes it so easy for anyone to take on assumed identity. They obviously are hiding behind some identity which they created for the very purpose.

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There is no telling who your kids are chatting with on the other side. Their ‘good’ online friend might well be a man or woman forty years of age. But rest assured that their projected online persona will be of someone attractive and friendly in order to lure children. Many a times they do succeed in striking friendships with kids and many a times there are always kids who are fooled by them into revealing their personal information online, sadly.

Cyberbullying is one example where the cyber bully carry on their activities over the social networks using false identity. And in the case of cyberbullying, a bully can later become a victim and then back again. Cyberbullying is known to go to extreme levels with devastating consequences.

The focus of concern surrounding internet safety for kids here is that any child can be vulnerable to attacks if care and caution is not exercised. This includes the former cyber bully who can land up to become a victim too. It almost always starts with some interactions online on the online social networking platform.

All these while like many parents you might have been thinking what harm can possibly arise from a media which is purely online. Sad but true, many kids are wounded and scarred for life, some has ended their lives. You will be surprised to know the many areas, the trend in the online practice and the social networking activities of children where children are vunerable to getting hurt.

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Like most children, if your kids loves spending hours in front of the computer there’s a high chance they are spending most of the time online at internet chat rooms or online message boards. For instance, MySpace is one of the most frequented sites frequented by junior high school and high school students to stay in touch with friends, make new online friends and be in the social circle. There is nothing to be alarmed with this as such, the only cause for concern is that in order to look cool among their peer groups kids simply must have a cool profile online for which they might end up revealing personal information on their profile, not only that kids frequently uploads photos and videos online too which might contain private content which might be spread around.

These insights are just a few of the many areas. The reality is, it is not practically possible to keep a track of your child’s activities over the vast landscape of the internet all by yourself. You simply have to make use of the tools and services available, like that of SafetyWeb.

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