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Welcome to the Safe Online Child

My new ebook, Internet Safety for Children: A Parent’s Practical Guide to Keeping their Children Safe Online is now on sale!  With a new cover, edits and updates and a new holiday price, it’s a great investment in your children!



My hope is that parents, teachers and caregivers worldwide can learn everything possible to help keep their children safe online. It’s not hard, but there are some keys to it. This book is full of real life examples, research and ideas on how to talk with your kids about the internet collected from professionals around the country. In addition, it highlights what I feel are the two essential safety principles that, if followed, can protect your kids in any situation.

1. Internet Safety is more about your relationship with your children than about the technology.

2. Internet Safety is about knowing as much or more than your kids do about the Internet.

Download now for iPad, Kindle or Nook!