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What Kind of Parents, and Phone, do your Kids Need?

This is a really good article from MobileMedia about parenting vs peer-enting with much good commentary and thoughts on parenting responsibility and phones – along with a good Phil Dunfy insight. How are you parenting your children around technology everyday life? Do they get what they want all the time, or do you actually say no sometimes?  Saying no is good. So is reading to your kids every day and letting them stay kids as long as they get to be kids. There’s no need or reason to make them grow up sooner than necessary.

One of my favorite quotes from this article by author Margaret Rock:

I’m looking forward to adding a new channel of communication with my daughter — but only slowly and on my terms as a parent. When confronted with the possibility of no phone at all, she settled for a feature phone. Maybe she was mad at me for not buying her an iPhone, but she’s glad to have a phone to suit her purposes — calls for rides after school, texts to chat with friends and a freedom to assert her independence. I made a choice that balances her needs as a tween and my concerns as a parent about over-burdening her with responsibility that is beyond her current maturity to manage.

When you do give your kids a smart phone, please keep these tips in mind to get them going in the right direction form the start.

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