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Why Internet Safety For Your Child is So important Right Now!

Why is internet safety for kids so very important now indeed? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, let us acknowledge the fact that computers and internet has become such an inseparable part of our lives that we cannot live without them. We spend hours after hours surfing online for both information and leisure, even entertainment too. Our kids and teens simply must have computer and internet access otherwise there is going to be a revolt. Children logs on to the internet for school project research works and interacting with online friends too. It is indeed wonderful to have computer and internet with us always as part of our lives. Everything looks so near perfect.

Now just take a look at the following result of a study conducted by It really opens our eyes wide to what is going on in the online world, it gives us a view of the dark side of the net.

42% of kids reports of being bullied online
35% of kids reports of being threatened online
21% of kids reports of having received mean or threatening email
58% of kids reports of having being told mean or hurtful things online
53% of kids admits of having said mean or hurtful things to another person online
58% of kids have not informed their parents about hurtful experience online
*As per study done by

It is shocking indeed, what kids go through in the online world. The above is a sure reflection of the risks and dangers which children spending time online are exposed to. If you have been surfing online regularly maybe you have come across this, there have been stories in the news of some kids committing suicide unable to bear the tormenting experiences online, getting involved in Cyberbullying, even resorting to violence and taking up criminal activities. And some kids get into internet addiction to escape from the real world and hide their underlying deeper problems. Just what is going on here in the online world, can this really be possible through a media which is purely online? It has already been proven, the harsh reality. In such an environment how can any any parents afford to neglect ensuring internet safety for kids, for their teens and children.

Needless to mention here, the use of computer and internet cannot be done away with. Neither can we stop using it, nor can our children too. Computer and internet are here to stay, in fact they are the future, it is what is taking the world ahead. The first thing we need to acknowledge is that just like in the real world where both good and ill resides, so is the case in the online world too. And again just like in the physical world where we take the steps to stay protected and away from the dark side, same is the case in the online world too. There certainly are steps which we must take to safeguard ourselves, our children and family at all times. Now would we be able to realize that internet safety for kids assumes a really big importance indeed.

Knowledge is power, and in this case becoming aware and keeping ourselves updated to what is happening in the world around us, by this we are only empowering ourselves with the knowledge which will only help us make the right decisions at the right time towards ensuring safety for our children and family, be it online or offline.

It is not a matter of choice, Internet safety for kids must be ensured at all cost, lest we want to regret bitterly later on. Click here to know how.

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